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When it is time to install a new driveway, or replace one, you may start considering different materials to use depending on your climate and budget. There are a lot of choices on what to use which can be confusing and intimidating. Every material comes with its advantages and disadvantages, yet concrete driveways are by far the best option. At Concrete Contractors Columbus Ohio we know concrete and we know driveways. Check out some of what we can do below.

Concrete Driveway Installation Columbs
Concrete Driveway Columbus
Concrete Installation Driveway Columbus
Columbus Concrete Driveway

The reason why we believe in using concrete for driveways is simple. It lasts longer, is more durable and is lower maintenance than other popular materials like asphalt. Concrete does not shrink and expand with temperature changes like asphalt does and it can last up to 30 years. Not only is it more sturdy but it also can be designed to look like anything you want with our stamped concrete. This versatile material is one of a kind and we highly recommend it. We  can install new driveways for new builds, or replace old ones that may need some love. Here are some frequently asked questions about our installation process:

  • How long does it take to install a concrete driveway? It can depend on the size, complexity and design of your project. Typically it can take on average one to three days of actual work but keep in mind that once paved, it can not be driven on for at least seven days.

  • Will my concrete driveway crack? Over time it is inevitable that concrete will crack. But with professional contractors who know how to properly install concrete those cracks can be minimized.

  • Can a concrete driveway be repaired? Depending on the size and degree of the damage, yes concrete can be repaired. Typically replacements last longer than repairs but a section of your concrete can be removed and replaced to repair what you already have done.

Why Hire A Professional Concrete Contractor

When you are hiring a concrete driveway Columbus Ohio to install or replace your driveway, you need to make sure that they know what they are doing. Adding a driveway is not as simple as pouring concrete, smoothing it out and waiting for it to dry. Pouring concrete requires skill and precision and a professional concrete contractor can make a driveway stand the test of time. First the soil needs to be treated by compacting it and then adding tightly packed crush material on top. The ground needs to be properly treated by an expert driveway repair Columbus Ohio contractor before the concrete is poured. When concrete is poured it can sometimes crack. Professionals have the knowledge of why this happens and how to prevent it or fix it. Our contractors have the expertise on how water affects concrete and the role of control joints in concrete. As this material dries, it shrinks, so our professional knowledge of how this works is key to creating the perfect driveway. There are a lot of different factors that come into play when pouring a driveway. Hire our experts so you can have peace of mind that the job was done right and will last for years. Call today to see what we can do for you.

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