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Concrete sidewalks and walkways are more than just a method of getting from one place to another. They provide much needed curb appeal, and can show off your decorative unique personality with the many concrete designs that can be used. Concrete has become the top material of choice for designers when looking to create a sidewalk, walkway of patio. This is because of the many different colors, stains, molds and personalization that it can offer anybody. You can see it in restaurants, residential homes, shopping centers, commercial buildings, and city surfaces. It is also possible to add these fun designs to your current walkway with the new technology the industry has provided. We not only provide new sidewalks but we also do concrete sidewalk repair Columbus Ohio. There are numerous options when pouring a concrete sidewalk. With our stamped concrete Columbus Ohio designs, we can make it as elaborate or plain as wanted.

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Colored Concrete

Concrete can assume nearly any shape, texture, or pattern. It can also have distinguished color in its design to add a pop of personality. Color can be used subtly or adventurously to make a dramatic statement. Colored concrete does cost a little more than plain gray concrete but the difference is astounding and makes all the difference. It is a work of art that can be used to stand out or to blend in with the surrounding landscape. It offers curb appeal to any building or home. Not all color options are suitable with certain conditions, like pool water with all it's chemicals constantly rubbing on its surface, so make sure when using colored concrete, you ask your concrete contractors Columbus Ohio what will work best with weather and exposure conditions. Utilizing this unique and fun concept is something a lot of people are doing, and we can help you with your designs!

Concrete Styles

Everybody has a unique style and personality when it comes to their homes. Whether you like a more modern look or a rustic feel, we can do it all. There are a lot of textures and patterns to choose from and can seem a little overwhelming when trying to make your decision. Here are some of the options that we offer.

  • Traditional: This can look like a stone path, or a brick walkway that you traditionally see on the exterior of homes. It's classic, timeless and loved by everyone.

  • Modern: This design has bold, large, geometrical lines. It uses sleek lines to achieve a contemporary look.

  • Rustic: Concrete that has rich earthy color tones and rough textures create the perfect rustic feel. Using stains can also give it an antique look that is perfect for farmhouses and country home styles.

  • Old Style: Stone surfaces and distressed finishes are the old world style. This style is perfect for Mediterranean and Tuscan style homes.

  • Tropical: This is the perfect fit for beach homes, and anybody looking for that warm beachy feel to add to their home. It has natural browns, greens and blue hues.

On average our concrete sidewalk and walkways cost anywhere from six dollars to twelve dollars and up per square feet. Give us a call today for your sidewalk repair Columbus Ohio and we can add that much needed curb appeal to your home!

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